The Creativas™are a group of creative and inquisitive young heroes, who are invited to join an exclusive virtual community of the best and brightest young creative designers. The prestigious Creativas™ academy is the Harry Potter of art schools - an extensive subterranean school of design with classrooms, maker spaces, art studios, and computer labs where students are trained to become future creative professionals. Most importantly, as part of their invitation, Creativas™ are granted access to the Creativas™ Design Studio portal which contains magical capturing technology that enables them to create and share their art work with each other in the digital universe and compete in a series of virtual design challenges.
The Creativas


Alexa, Evan, Mia and Bradley are a group of creative high school students who are mysteriously invited to join a secret design academy. When the team is thrust into this new adventure and given access to the Creativas™ Design Studio portal, they must work together to stay on top of their peers, and discover their personal creativity by walking straight into the fire.

“Creativas is being developed to project positive images for kids by portraying aspirational role models that make creative expression and self- education cool.”

- Julian Van Mil, Creative Director

Creativas™ is uniquely positioned as good for parents, great for kids encouraging creative play and artistic expression thru positive and aspirational role models


Playsmart Labs Inc. is a new interactive children’s entertainment company which was formed with the vision of creating a new category of children’s products that combines physical and digital play. The company is focused on designing children's toys and entertainment that inspires kids to be creative and to develop more positive images of themselves.
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